Amazing Spaces; Mud Room Miracles


Mud rooms are a useful space for anyone; from busy families with lots of outdoor stuff to people who just hate wearing shoes in the house.  While it is great to have a convenient dumping ground for your stuff, the mud room is also the first impression guests have when entering your home.  Finding that perfect balance between tidy and useful can be difficult to find; however, this week’s Amazing Space shows just how perfect the room is once you find that balance!

The first thing you would notice upon entering the home is how the large windows and neutral colors make this room a bright and inviting. Except for the floor, everything, including the ceiling, is made of wood. In fact, the ceiling paneling would look great on the floor, but would take a lot more wear and tear from foot traffic, wet umbrellas, sports equipment, or really anything that would necessitate a mudroom.  This makes the room feel well planned and balanced. I also like the playful carpet; it ties the whole room together.

Beyond the aesthetics, this room is such a useful space. The saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place” fits this space. First of all, the shelving in this room is fantastic; there is a place for everyone or everything! And the cute cubby baskets keep the shelves looking neat and organized. Then, for less used items or room décor, the overhead shelf is perfect! Then there is even left over space for a few coat hangers and a bench for putting on shoes! The designers of this room have taken such a small area and given it so much purpose.

One thing which I would add to the room is an area of shoe cubbies underneath the bench. Even if you only have half of the space dedicated to shoe storage, the space underneath would look less empty and you could more easily keep muddy shoes away from clean shoes. This would be a rather simple addition to add, but would definitely be worth it in additional storage.

Overall, this space is fantastic! I think every house should have a mud room like this, and, if the home has space, the shelving would be relatively inexpensive to build. My favorite feature of this room has to be the wood paneled ceiling. It both makes the house more inviting and the room feel bigger. It is a great contrast to the black and white furniture in the rest of the space.


Get this look in your home

This Amazing Space is especially amazing because it could be yours so easily! Even if your home opens into a living room, you can use dividing panels, like in the picture below, and separate the area from the rest of your home!


If you like the wood panel ceiling as much as I do, you will love this articles which will help you plan your project!

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This article says installing the ceiling is “like installing a wood floor, but upside down.” They really break down the process of building your paneled ceiling into easy to follow instructions.

This ceiling is definitely for the more ambitious or skilled craftsman; but if you can do it, this ceiling would look great in that space.


Of course, this room would be useless without any shelving; here are some great resources for shelf preparation and installation!

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Do you need to use dividing panels?

         Many dividing panels hang from the ceiling instead of sitting on the ground. If that is what you have, here is a video on installing hanging divider panels


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